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desk altar 1

For a while now I’ve been on the look out for a small surface to use as an altar/shrine on my desk in my studio to no avail. Finding something that fit what I wanted was proving to be a difficult and frustrating task. As often is the case when this happens I asked the Universe for a little help and this is what I found.

The white box (pictured above) was in the sale in TK Maxx.

desk altar 2

It was the perfect size for my desk space and had a hinged lid for storing some candles, crystals and trinkets but it needed some work. I didn’t like the three dimensional rose motif on it which was broken anyway, hence it being in the sale:

desk altar 3

The rest of the box thought was just right. I’m not normally a person that revamps or upcycles furniture but I couldn’t resist this gift and for an altar space I decided I was willing to put in the time and effort.

desk altar 4

It turned out that the rose motif wasn’t just stuck on with glue as I originally thought but pinned in. Once off I had to snip the remaining metal prongs that I couldn’t pull out, sand the rough edges down and then use a filling paste to even out the area for several coats of white primer as I want to paint my own spiritual motifs on the back board.

desk altar 5

Not too bad for a first time try and ready for decoration. Now that we have moved house and settled I can finally pick the project back up again. I know exactly what I want on it but that will come in part 2.


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Love it or hate it there is something really amazing to me about the act of making images solely out of dots whether it be in colour or black and white. I’m in awe of people that create such amazing art with this technique, both in art history and modern artists. I think what amazes me most is how you generally don’t realise the image is made up of tiny dots until you get closer and see it for yourself.

This week’s challenge is to create an image inspired by pointillism.

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the art challenge week 13 Pop ArtI wanted to go bright, cartoony and use certain things that I find particularly iconic in Pop art; the blocky colours and contrasting areas with dots and straight lines. I didn’t think too much about it when I did it but looking at it now there are a few things I would change. I think the broken heart should be bigger and the cloud smaller but I just had to live with it since I went straight in with pen because I didn’t want to spend too much time fiddling with it or being able to change it once I started.

Why the broken heart? I’m not sure, it seemed poignant and was what my mind instinctively wanted to create and I thought it would be interesting to portray it in a colourful and simplistic way given how much darker I feel when I have a genuine broken heart. This week has been rough with my depression, I needed some colour and lightness.

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