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the art challenge week 4

Money may not

Grow on trees.

But if it did

I like to think

That pennies ripen

On new shoots

And pound coins drop

On fertile roots.

My first attempt was a drawing disaster that I ended up painting over with gesso and acrylic. It started as a background and gradually morphed into a growing sprout with a penny in the middle. I wanted to break up the background a little and so added brown and green stalks with bronze paint blobs to pick up the copper theme from the shiny penny. Then came the poem which I thought I would include as they are meant to go together. I’m much happier with what it turned into which was more of an art journal page than I had envisioned in the beginning.


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Week 4: Money

Last week I had to do my self assessment for my taxes which it mean that money was on my mind. I don’t particularly like thinking about money, I know it’s a necessary thing, something that we all need but unfortunately in society it has become this measure of success that I really dislike. There is this troubling trend where people measure the worth of their creativity by how much, or indeed how little, money they make.

This week’s challenge is to create an image of/about/including money in some form.

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art challenge week 3

For this week’s prompt I drew the warped and hazy reflections in a spoon. While I was drawing the blocks of shapes I kept wondering ‘what if?’ What if the light that hits the edge of the spoon is more prominent? What if the shapes are colourful? What if it were flat not rounded? What if the shapes were outlined to pop more? What if?

All the what if’s created this image. It has a lot more blocks and angles in it than I usually create but I do like how it works with the black background and the white halo around the shapes. I find how my reflection from in the spoon came out really interesting too, it’s one of the few parts that is naturally made up of rounded shapes. All of the others are near the edges and interestingly came from the curve of the spoon itself not the other objects being reflected.

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Week 3: Reflections

There are so many types of reflections and reflective materials that offer both clear and abstract reflections of the world around us, from glass to metal to water it’s as though the surface is creating it’s own image of something that we recognise but know is different in some way. Reflections offer a new way of seeing something and make us think about whatever it is that it’s reflecting back at us. This week’s challenge is to create an image of a reflection that you find interesting.

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It happened that I had a little extra time to do more with this prompt this week. I had some art time with the little lady and we decided to get the watercolour paints out so I used them to draw a a house plant from multiple different angles using a layer in the composition for each one with a total of six different angles and paint layers being used.

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I had plans to draw this week, I wanted to tackle an object from multiple perspectives in one drawing and it’s still something that I intend to play around with but I lost so much time this week because of a long lasting migraine that I had to change my plan and work with something else in order to get it done on time. I ended up taking a photograph with my not so wonderful phone camera looking down into this decorative, oversized wineglass that I see every day sitting in my kitchen. The results, I think are interesting, not just the patterns in it but also the rings that appeared in the glass, picking up the green from my phone.

I like that the image is blurred and not composed of crisp lines which is something that has always really appealed to me and become a focus at different points in my work as an abstract artist. The way that the light and colour have been reflected is really interesting to me and has given me an idea for next weeks prompt too  ;)

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Week 2: A Change Of Perspective

~Sometimes a change of perspective is all that is needed to go from seeing to seeing~

This week’s challenge is to create something from a different perspective. It could be a literal change of or use of an unusual angle, a different way of looking at or representing something, using multiple viewpoints or just one with a different composition. What new ideas does a change of perspective bring to you?

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