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 Want to create some art but don’t know where to start?
Looking to restart or add some spice to your practice?
Want to experiment, play and challenge yourself?

Then welcome to The Art Challenge!

I thought it would be fun for 2016 to push myself consistently and creatively to experiment, try new things and play in small ways. Over the last few weeks I’ve been drawing nearly every day and trying to keep it quick and fun to learn more about how I work as an artist. I have decided to challenge myself weekly at the start of 2016 to create something to a set prompt and wanted to open it to everyone to participate if they want to.

There’s no sign up or need to stick to it every week.

You do not have to consider yourself an artist to join in!

The challenge is open to anyone who wants to create art regardless of experience, style or skill level.

If you want to participate, you’re welcome to pick and choose the prompts that you want to do, you don’t even have to do them the week they’re set. I find I work better if I have a level of accountability and I’m hoping that documenting it here will do that for me and keep me experimenting on a regular basis. Do what you want when you have the time or just stop by and take a look if you prefer.

The challenge is supposed to be fun and playful, a way for artists to connect, chat about their work and just enjoy creating and sharing together. I ask that people are friendly, civil and only offer constructive criticism. Sharing art is a personal thing, I love seeing what other people create in different mediums and styles and the last thing I want is for anyone to feel bad about sharing their creativity.

How The Art Challenge Will Work.

Every week I will be posting a challenge/prompt. It could be to draw a particular thing, use a certain media or style or create within a time limitation for example. It could be something specific or more open to interpretation. People are welcome to respond to the challenges when they have the time and inclination, you don’t have to do it within the week it’s set (I intend to do this) or in the order they have been posted. Don’t like a particular week’s challenge? Feel free to skip it, but I would just say that the whole idea is to push yourself to try new and different things, maybe try drawing something you wouldn’t draw or use a medium you are less familiar with or don’t necessarily think is your strength.

Unless a specific medium or style is called for in a prompt then it’s completely open to interpretation, anything goes. It doesn’t have to take long and it doesn’t have to be pretty, the point is to do something.

The challenges will be posted here every Sunday (starting 3/1/16) and if you do the challenge please feel free to use the comments to link to your own pieces. I will stop by to check them out!

I’m hoping that by posting this early it may drum up a little interest before I start the challenge itself and get people looking forward to it. I’ll be doing the challenge regardless but it would be lovely if others want to participate as well!


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