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I seem to have taken an unintentional hiatus from my blog over the summer. With the kids home it was a busy one and  have a lot to catch up on as a result. First things first though… over the summer I completed the journal I was working through:

005 004 006

I’ve been trying to make sure I date my journals when I start and finish them to keep track of their order and my progress through them. This particular journal had me experimenting with a deckled, handmade paper which became a bit of a pain when it came to art jounalling thanks to the fact that it was so absorbent. It was fun to play around with though and I loved the starting individuality afforded by the deckled edges and rough sizing and shapes of the paper.

Once completed I got to making a new journal to continue with, covered with one of my drop sheets and filled with more regular sketchbook paper:

007 008 009

As you can see I’ve been working pretty solidly through it, managing to get over half way in the space of a month. Journalling has been a vital thing for me lately, particularly when my muse is playing up and I’m finding creativity difficult. The sketchbook paper has been a joy to work with, particularly when primed with gesso.

I may do a flip through of each of the books on youtube if people are interested in seeing what I’ve created in them, we’ll see what time and interest permits.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer and a good start to autumn.


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