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Do you enjoy writing, system and freeform roleplaying? Would you like to find other writers for collaborative writing and roleplaying online? 

Well help is at hand. Today’s post is a bit of advertising for a website that is very dear to me. It’s a wonderful literary community where, over the last four years since I joined, I’ve had the privilege to make some wonderful friends and write with some amazing writers.

If you’re interested in trying it out or just seeing what it’s all about from the public parts of the forums (which is only a small portion of what lays beyond for approved members), then please take a look at Elliquiy, an active and thoroughly awesome community!


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Yesterday I worked on the background I had started a few weeks back. I knew I wanted to do a landscape for it but not exactly what. Talking with someone about lakes and mountains, however, inspired me to do this in inks over the background. I think it turned out really well and it will be available to buy from my website shortly. 

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