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Blue Ripples.

blue ripples


Blue Ripples

A second experimentation with blue; inks, acryllic and gouache on watercolour paper.

This one will be available in my etsy store too later in the week!


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lavender dreams


Lavender Dreams

Inks and acryllic on 230gsm, acid free, watercolour paper.

Now available to buy from my etsy store.

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I had a fantastic time on my holiday to New York. We didn’t visit many tourist places mainly because it wasn’t high on my agenda and gives me more things to go to next time I go over to visit. The one place we did go was Times Square though it was terribly humid while I was over there which made the whole experience of being in a super busy place that much more difficult.

Once I have a chance I’ll be posting pictures from the other places we went to, I need to go through them first and do some edits. There are a lot of pictures of flowers from my trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, which I hope to use and work with for some new paintings in the future too.

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Desert Rose edit

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Malachite 1 edit


Malachite 2 edit

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Labradorite 2 edit

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