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I wanted to take this opportunity to advertise my art business Nemorosa Studio.

I’ve been working on this venture since September 2013 and ask only that, if you are inclined to do so, you check out my website and facebook page. Likes and activity on both are very much appreciated as I get my work out there and follow my dreams to make a living from art and healing.

My main website can be found here.

I have a few items for sale and also take commissions, so if there is something  you would like please let me know. As a standard I only have shipping within the UK listed though I’m happy to post internationally on request, again just ask and I will calculate the shipping costs. All the items I have listed on my website and etsy shop are ready to post the next working day after payment has been received.

My website also has a blog listed in the NEWS section where I post both what I am working on and completed items as well as general musings about what I have been up to and my inspirations.

If you are on facebook please check out the Nemorosa Studio facebook page and leave a like. All activity and shares on there are very much appreciated and I intend to run a competition for reaching 100 likes!

Thank you for reading and showing your support.



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We have a creative sort of household over here, I suppose it’s inevitable when I’m an artist. The children love to draw and paint among other things and my eldest is beginning to enjoy scrapbooking and journalling. I decided that a nice thing to have would be a family journal, where together we could write, draw and collect things from the day to day things we come across that we like to specific things that may be bothering us or places we have been as a family.

Among my stash of spare journals I found an A4 ring bound one that I dedicated as our Family Journal. A couple of pages have been played with so far, my eldest likes to write things that are stressing her in them and it has become a wonderful way to open up communication about issues that either of the children may be shy about talking about from the off. Together we can go through the pages and deface them, add to them and just generally explore creative ideas together.

I’m hoping that this will continue to be something we all do and that, when the kids are older, they can look back on and see that together, as a family, we are strong. Also that playing creatively and having fun with it is an important way to discover new things in all aspects of life and work through any problems they may be having.

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I have, rather ashamedly, been lacking in my spiritual practice of late. It’s never a good thing for me as I find myself losing what has always been at the core of my being. When my depression sets in as a result it becomes harder, my creativity gets sapped as well as it is so tightly connected with my spirituality. Over the last month I have been trying to slowly reintegrate my spiritual practices back into my life and one of the first things I really felt I needed to do was organise all my stuff.

I have a box of old pages, journals and information that were once parts of my current Tomes (or Books of Shadows/spiritual journals…whatever you may call them). This box has been sitting there taunting me for a while so as a part of my return I decided to do something about it. It’s a work in progress of course but I have been working hard to try and really crack on and get it sorted out. Looking over the pages I put so much energy and love into has helped me a lot. It has reminded me what I love about my spiritual work, witchcraft and just the core of my beliefs as they stand now having evolved so much over my life.

I went on the hunt for a new book but found myself disenchanted by what was available. I have bought many over the last 15 years, some really beautiful leather bound books both bound and with removable pages and while I have loved them very much I couldn’t find anything that really spoke to me this time around. Instead my inner voice was urging me to make one, to put all of my care and energy in from the start and so that is what I did.

001 resized

It took me a couple of hours, some card board, paint, thread and paper but this is what I created. I have since added ribbons to the decorative spine to both reinforce the thread and add some interest…

003 resized

It was really important to me to use recycled materials for the cover; card and packaging paper made for a sturdy cover which I then painted in brown acryllic paint and brushed with gold acryllic pains to highlight the gorgeous textures.

004 resized

As you can see it is rather thick and filled with sketchbook paper from an old ring bound sketchbook that I do not use, the pages being around A5 size as that is the size I prefer to work with.

005 resized

I also added some marbled paper to the inside cover to both decorate and cover the inner workings of how I created the cover. I am so pleased with the result and that I finally made my own book for my spiritual information and work. It really does feel much more like a part of me than anything I have ever brought for the purpose and I love working in it, which is really the whole point so that I don’t lose interest in filling it.

Really, I just wanted to share it with you…both my creation and intent. No matter how far you seemingly stray from your path, I believe it is never too late to get back on it again.

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Make A Mess

Create Ugly Pages

Fuck Up

I think it’s all too easy to get into a mindset when creating that everything has to be perfect, that each page in an art journal has to be beautiful and perfect when really, as with everything in life, ‘mistakes’ are going to happen. It’s difficult, at times, to move past what we perceive to be bad work and choices but they are inevitable and the most important thing is to allow yourself to do bad work and accept the things you’re not happy with.

It is through making mistakes that we learn and it’s something I really wanted to put across in my exploration of the Journal Fodder 365 book. There are very few pages that I actually like from that work through but they were all necessary to me, whether it be for the emotional release that they allowed me or because there were elements I didn’t like visually in the pages.

It is very important with art and all creative endeavours to allow yourself to play and try new things, it’s all a part of growth. Sometimes you’ll get a pleasant surprise and other times you’ll want to burn the page… but don’t do that, keep it and I can guarantee in the future you will look back and see the value in what you consider to be a fuck up.

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Having completed my work through of Journal Fodder 365 and still enjoying the activities in Wreck This Journal by Kerri Smith (I’m over half way through the book now) I decided to look into the other titles she has released and get another to play around with. Of all of them it was The Pocket Scavenger that really appealed to me so I snapped it up with the free Amazon voucher I was given a couple of weeks ago for completing a survey.

I thought it would be a fun thing to do both for me and the kids, particularly in the holidays when they are home and getting bored.


As soon as it came through I was impressed with the feel of the cover and  pages they’re nice and thick with easy to follow instructions to get you  started. There’s a list of things to scavenge and a checklist plus a double  page spread reserved for each item. Once you find something you turn the  book upside down and flick to a random page which will tell you a way to  alter the item. There’s also a section near the end of scavenging activities to do by yourself and with others.

So far so good, I’m enjoying the idea and will be working with it alongside Wreck This Journal. Full reviews on both will come once I’ve completed them, possible with a video to show how they end up, if  I’m feeling brave enough.


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