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I’ve been quiet for the last little while thanks to a problem with my right eye. After a pretty bad migraine a couple of weeks ago I lost a lot of the vision in my right eye. For a few days it was particularly bad and a visit to the doctors had me sent for testing at the hospital and all the worry that accompanies it.

This was the first time I had ever really thought about what it would mean to lose my eyesight, even in one eye, and I have to say it really scared me, both as a parent and as an artist. There was also the fear that my visual problems could have been a brain issue rather than an eye issue.

I went to see an eye specialist who found my eye pressure to be over double what it should be and additionally diagnosed irisitis and a possible viral infection as well. I’ve been taking two lots of eye drops and they seem to be working so far, my vision is still blurry but stabilised a bit better though light aggravates it and my distance vision is less than stellar.

Slowly I’m starting to catch up on the work I missed as well as the fun stuff with a new found appreciation for my sense of sight. With any luck my eye will continue to improve and I won’t need further tests as I gotta admit, the possibility of having a needle stuck in my eye to collect a fluid sample doesn’t exactly give me the happy feelings. If it’s taught me anything though it’s that things can change drastically very quickly and that’s reason enough not to loiter and not make the best of things.


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So another year is almost over and I found myself having trouble thinking of what my word for December should be. Insightful is one of those things that just happens rather than something you can make happen. I spent a lot of time looking over my tags for the year in my smash book and I decided there was really only one thing left to add to the year’s lessons and that was to take away all of my insightful moments, remember them, learn from them and LIVE.

Sometimes, particularly when living with depression, that is one of the hardest things to do. Life is painful, hard and full of challenges but it’s important to live through them and learn from them. This is a reflection I often have at this time of the year when I look back at the twelve months that have just passed and all of the experiences I have had both good and bad. I keep going, I live through it, I’ll keep doing so and I’ll be stronger for it.

So whatever life throws at you keep going… be inspired, make connections, take the time to recharge and dream, be called to action, find beauty in what you deem ‘ugly’, play, love, change for the better, accept what you experience, listen to yourself and LIVE!

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