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Until today I really had no idea what my word for June would be. This morning I was sat drinking my coffee and thinking about what’s been holding me back these last few weeks and it has been a general dislike for and lack of confidence in what I had been creating. The word ugly fitted my thoughts well and so this month is a reminder to me to at the very least tolerate everything I create, even the ugly work, the images that make me cringe, the writing that’s not just below par but well off the mark and the pieces that just won’t co-operate with my vision. The point is that it can all be learned from, the ugly stuff, even if it’s only ugly to you, is part of your learning curve.

I regret all the work I threw away in my student years, all the sketchbooks I lost or destroyed through my depression. I don’t regret creating them but I do regret that I don’t have them anymore, that I can’t look back over them feeling the burn of embarrassment in my cheeks because they are awful to me and yet see the value in them and my progress from them. ย Even the ugly creative output of mine has value, sometimes even more so than the work I am pleased with.


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