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While I may have been quiet the creating has still been happening, albeit in a haphazard fashion but then I have come to expect that now. This is a quick journal page inspired by an image from a magazine when I was having one of my fearful moments. A little reminder not to worry because you are safe, the universe protects you.


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I stumbled around for a while trying to decide on the word for this month. Not the sentiment behind it, that’s been in my mind for a while now, just the best way to articulate that sentiment in one word. My ideas ranged from GOAL to PROGRESS but finally settled on ACTION.



So what do I mean? What is the sentiment behind my choice? Well, all told it’s really about taking ACTION but in a small and manageable way. I am known, by those who know me well, to look very far forward in terms of my plans. Now I’m not saying this is inherently a bad thing but for me it can be. I tend to look so far forward and set my ambitions accordingly that I lose sight of the small steps that are needed to get me there. I let myself get overwhelmed and instead of taking action I end up getting lost in a cycle of fret and worry.

So this month is all about getting into the mindset of setting small, achievable goals towards my dreams, goals that I can complete and feel I am making progress with that are not overwhelming to me. I am learning that if the goal sends a shot of fear or panic into my system then I need to break it down into smaller steps to reach it and that’s ok, it’s how it needs to work for me to be able to take the necessary ACTION.

I believe this is something that can benefit everyone as long as with each achievement, no matter how seemingly small, we give ourselves the praise deserved for the accomplishment rather than tell ourselves that it was too small a step to be worthwhile. There is a reason why game companies put achievement systems into their games and why that becomes addictive to gamers, because those achievements give us a sense that we have in fact achieved something rather than wasted our time on entertainment. I for one know that I would rather that sense of pride in myself be rooted in something more meaningful to me so why not apply it to my dreams and life ambitions?

No matter how small the step you set for yourself, taking it, and the feeling you receive for achieving that small step, will make you want to take more and soon you will be running through those steps rather than  tiptoeing.

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