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This is a mini canvas I painted for my bedroom altar to meditate with, specifically on the central orange/red ball which is a meditation I learned through my study of Chios and the main meditation I use now. It’s a mixture of acryllics and paint pen. The background surface is highly textured as I like to scrape into my painted bases while the ball is smooth and slick. Although you can’t see it well here peeking out from the silvery shimmer is a range of blues and greens while black acryllic sits on top to add to the busy feel surrounding the peace and serenity of the circle itself.


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Having finished all the Journal Fodder writing prompts for the first chapter and pages that went with them I found myself at one of the random pages I use to put down spare paint and prints from earlier work. They are frequently used by me as well as drop sheets and become backgrounds for whatever grows on them. I decided to use these pages before starting the next chapter and just letting them develop however they wanted to, this is the result…



Angels, stars, organic curves and shapes and embryo’s all made an appearance, it became a page about beginnings and the guidance and protection all things need when they start, not just life but ideas and ventures too…



…after all it all begins somewhere and with some nurturing can grow into something really special. It’s funny because I did this page a week or so before I reached a moment of realisation about where my life was heading and the new and scary beginning that would need to come about for me but more about that in the future when I tackle my word for April!



And not to forget to see the beauty in all of it too, even the seemingly ugliest of situations have a beauty just waiting to be discovered, appreciated and allowed to grow into that silver lining we so often hear about.

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There has been so much going on lately and therefore much too much to blog about in just one post. With the kids on their Easter Holidays now I’m hoping to get in some computer time and show my blog some loving. While a lot has been happening for me this month on here it hasn’t and that is going to change before April comes around.

I’ve spent a lot of time creating, writing and beginning to realise my dreams, pinpointing my plans for the future and opening myself up to the possibilities of them finally happening as I glean more and more time for myself and the career I want to lead, particularly once my youngest starts school in September.

Perhaps the best news for the month was my final completion of the energy healing course that I began five or six years ago. With everything that has happened there have been times where I have had to put my studies on hold and I’m so pleased to have finally gained my qualification as a Chios Master Teacher with The Chios Institute. It’s a path that I felt immediately drawn to and has taught me so much about myself and what I am capable of.

More to come in the next day or so as I focus on a little revamp and catch up here. I figure that if it’s still not warm enough to open the windows and have a proper clear out physically in the house for spring (it’s still averaging around 3 degrees C here) then a clear out of my cyber space is the next best thing.



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I’m nearly at the end of the Journal Fodder 365 first chapter in my Moleskine journal and so far I’ve found it to be a very helpful and valuable way not only to explore visually but also to really gain some insights into me and the direction I’m heading in. The last writing prompt for the chapter is Personal Mythologies and I approached this one a bit differently. There were so many stories that have come about from my past and the funny thing is that the craziest sounding ones that really do appear to be fantastical are actually the ones that have the least amount of embellishment to them. I mean I live a life where I see and communicate with faeries, spirits, dragons and the otherworld, where my witchy supplies are my friend and I sense and use energy. I live a spiritual life and it just felt odd to try writing one or more of these mythologies down.



In the end I wrote a ‘Once Upon A Time’ story on the left hand page over a quick painting of  a wobbly stone tower on a hill. I wanted it to really relate to my childhood visually and have a sort of storybook feel to it. Thinking back over the stories brought up many happy memories, I smiled and laughed and at times blushed and wondered what on earth possessed me to elaborate and make certain things sound more interesting where as the genuinely interesting things (like the goings on with my senses and spiritual life) I tried to dumb down and even at points hide because I knew from an early age that it was not the norm to see and sense the things I did.

The writing prompts of this chapter have been about embracing who I am inside out and how I became who I am, there is really no need to hide any part of that away. It made me come out of the bubble I live in at times and see that yes, I’m not ‘normal’ and people generally don’t see life the way I do but I’ll be damned if I’m going to force myself to not be who I am.

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My word for the month of March is RECHARGE. I think we’ve all heard the phrase ‘recharging our batteries’ or some variant of it. I’ve also heard it being referred to as ‘filling the well’ among other things but what exactly does that mean? In my opinion it’s finding and dedicating time to the things that lifts our spirits, that energize us on a soul level and give us the charge we need to function happily. These things can be anything that makes us feel that way, they can cost money or be free but the feeling we get from them is pure and powerful. They bring us peace and clarity that suddenly makes all the rubbish in our lives seem non-existent. In my experience they help us to relax and unblock in a very powerful way, the trick is finding out what does this for you.



It has only been over the last year or so that I have found one of my best ones and I have made time for it to reap the benefits of the enhancement it gives my mood and my ability to cope with what can be a very stressful life at times. I now set aside a small amount of money to take myself to a coffee shop in town and have a latte once or twice a week. I usually take some coursework or my travel journal and art kit or a notebook or anything else I want to get done that I enjoy and set aside between half an hour and an hour to sit, drink and enjoy my coffee and do whatever it is that I want to do. Now for sure I could do this at home but the point that is recharging for me is being away from the house and the stagnancy that can settle there. Once I have recharged I feel more able and willing to get on and cope, I feel happy, with a spring in my step and a certain peace around my heart.

Usually this coffee stop is followed by a stroll into town where I may get myself something though more often than not I just look and admire the things I see.

Another, bigger, one for me is taking a trip alone every year. It’s something I began doing last year and vowed to continue after I felt the change in me from just a couple of days being me without the responsibilities of day to day motherhood. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the chaos of the day and to stop ourselves from having the things that we desperately need to bolster our spirits and recharge our batteries. We can and should always make time for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

This month I want to discover more things that help me to recharge so that I can mindfully make time for them in my life.

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The next writing prompt for Journal Fodder 365 has been ‘roads taken and not taken’ which has had some interesting results.

I’ve known for a good while that having my first child was a pivotal point in my life. I had, however, believed that it was a decision, a push if you will, down one path that I had no control over and made no real choice concerning. While having my child was not something I decided on one way or another a few months afterwards I did have a choice in the direction I wanted my life to go in.

Having my daughter changed my perspective on the world and showed me a path so different to the one I had been traversing and insistent on completing that everything in my life changed. I thought that this was something I was forced into, I saw it as a failure in many respects because I didn’t finish my degree and therefore the academic part of my life. In reality it showed me just how unhappy I was at University and striving for something I thought I needed for success when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A few months later I had a decision to make, it was the decision I thought had been ripped from me when I discovered my pregnancy only this time around I had a second perspective to take into account. Without that other perspective I would probably never have made the decision I did and life for me would, no doubt, be very different. I turned down the option of going back to University to finish my last year, instead I invested my time into my family, my creativity and my spirituality leading me to become an energy healer as well as an artist. Thinking back over it and just instinctively writing brought that decision to my attention and I realised that I actually hadn’t been out of control at all. I had to take a lot on faith for sure, we often do, but I made an informed decision to get out of my academic way of looking at things and accept my spiritual way of looking at things.

This is what I cover on the right page of this spread, a strange mix between the set out, concrete path I viewed my academic progression and the fluid, less structured, tangled path I decided to take. For a long time I felt like I had failed myself since getting a degree was something I had wanted since I was a child. Being a stubborn and ambitious Capricorn it was a direction against a big part of my nature and yet I cannot imagine going down that other path and would make the same decision again.

The left side of the spread came down to me thinking about physically where I live. I moved to the coast about 9 years ago with my ex and have been here since. Over recent years I have felt that I regret that decision to move so far from my family and friends, particularly when I have felt depressed and alone. Yet the prompt made me remember how unhappy I had been in Maidstone back then and how much the move had pleased me. We have a tendency to remember the bad and negative implications of our decisions rather than the good, or at least I do because I’m always looking for a way to prove to myself I failed in some way. This isn’t true though, I haven’t failed and I truly believe that I am where I’m meant to be in my journey, learning the things I am supposed to learn and being guided towards the things that I need for the future.

The crossroads we come across offer us different paths in life, neither path is wrong or right, neither is easier or harder than the other they are all just different and equally as important in shaping our lives.

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