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At the end of last year I made a couple of mini journals. One for the faeries I have been reconnecting with which I will cover in a separate post. The other is called ‘play’, so named to remind me that that is what I do in it, play, experiment and just have fun with whatever happens. I’m really pleased with the results and it slips perfectly in my travel kit for taking my creativity out and about.



As you can see it’s a long, thin journal as I wanted something different from my regular one, fastened with a wrap around string and button. The cover is made out of recycled materials and scrap papers as well as a few embellishments, stamps and pen.



The papers inside are from a couple of paper pad packs that I got as free gifts in magazines last year. The square sheets folded straight in half created the size and shape I wanted and the cover was then measured and fitted around them.




The papers are mixtures of plain colours, patterns and double page white spreads so that I have a variety of interesting backgrounds to work from depending on my mood and muse.



I’m so pleased with how it turned out and it’s just been perfect for on the go arty fun and for playing with while I’m watching tv on the sofa or some such to squeeze in extra creative time. I’ve only done a couple of spreads so far in it and some scribbled ideas on the first page when I was thinking about what inspires me.


This page I created the other night, I think it’s pretty obvious what was on my mind at the time, though I didn’t realise it until the page was done. I had originally set out to do a quick sketch in watercolour pencils but it soon ballooned into what we have here. It’s funny but the page inspires both happiness and sadness in me, I was surprised by the presence of the latter emotion but it coming out meant I could work through it while meditating on the page. It helped me to see something about myself I hadn’t realised and as a result learn and heal from it.



This double page is a fun bit I did after taking my daughter to London to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. The right side page was a quick drawing I did on the train ride home, water colour pencils on a beige/brown coloured paper. The left side was a sort of response to that drawing a few days later on the orange facing side. I began with homemade stamps and doodles, adding in a tracing paper silhouette of the giraffes from the show and a sun and topping it off with some acryllic paint. It was an amazing show and so inspiring in itself.


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…In With The New.

What better time than the New Year than to have a good old sort out of things including, for me, online stuff. My blogs are first on that list. I have two but have been struggling with just the one. I used the second for nothing I couldn’t write in the first, it was me trying to separate things that don’t really need separating, keeping my art separate from life which appears to have been a major issue with me over the last few years anyway. They’re integrated and so should be here, there will be no more separate blogs, just this one, written under the heading of my name and encompassing all that is me, even if I am a little slacking with keeping it up to date.

I have had a few projects on the go including working in my art journal and indulging in some smash booking, kick starting more creativity by just letting go and having fun as well as really finding my way back to my roots, the basis of my inspirations and where my art belongs. I will post separately on a lot of things as there is just way too much to catch up on in one post without bombarding you with information.

The kids are soon heading back to school and nursery, I will be grateful of the time to myself to get on and work on my goals for 2013. It’s a bit of a special year for me in that I turn 30 this year, on the 13th of January actually. I spent such a large portion of my year last year trying to heal and recover from my latest extensive bout of depression that I’m ready and raring to get on with what I had been missing. I’m determined to make it worthwhile and have a smash book ready and waiting to document the year in, from special days and trips to my journey through life so far. It’s an exciting project for me to think about and an exciting year for me to embark on.

For a fair while I have toyed with the idea of having a daily or weekly inspiration/motivation/quote or some such to work on. I had been putting it off for a while, unsure what I wanted, where to start, what would work best for me. I came up with the answer yesterday while I was daydreaming and enjoying the process of it. It was to have a word for each month (something which incidentally worked out perfectly with my smash book though I will explain how later). The first word I couldn’t argue with, it came as surely as the idea and really is the basis or where to begin on my creative journey this year.

January’s word is INSPIRE. Inspiration is something we often feel we have lost but really it is there all around us and so very individual to each of us. This month I ask myself this; what inspires me? I wonder though how much my sources of inspiration have developed and changed since I first really thought about this question when I was in College.

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