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As a part of my healing practice I have felt the need to create a set of candles to use for my own healing meditations as well as for patients. It’s a project that has been in the pipeline for a while and finally begun coming to fruition. This is the first in the set of seven, for the Muladhara or base chakra:



As usual with most of my crafts I use recycled materials where possible, this set are all glass candle holders made from old and cleaned glass containers from my kitchen, tissue paper, pen and small garnet crystals.


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Fathers Day 2012


A little card for Dad for Fathers Day this weekend. Hopefully the theme will see him happily through the footie season.

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It’s amazing what you can do with some odds from your crafting scrap box, a little bit of old cardboard and some twine. I had so many ideas today and so little time to indulge them but this is the product of the afternoon, hopefully the first of many this week:



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