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A semi recent conversation with a friend about charcoal had me sketching for an hour or so a little while ago, these are the results, it was good to get back into some charcoal sketching. I’m not sure if I’ll be using them yet for anything but it reminded me how much I enjoy it. Now I have a hankering to get hold of some large sheets of paper and get big with the drawings again.






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iPad Tinkerings.

Curious and generally wanting to try a new medium out I decided to download a drawing app for my iPad and give some digital art a go. I must confess that I have found it fairly tricky to adjust to and while I much prefer having materials  in my hand and getting into a mess with them there is a certain amount to be said for the convenience of tablet sketching as well as the effects you can achieve. If nothing else it has proven to be a very helpful tool for me to be able to sketch and draw when I’m staying away from home without having to take a whole host of art materials with me.

So far I have been experimenting with drawing some characters from my RPs on Elliquiy and my World of Warcraft characters purely because that was where my muse was prodding me to work. These are the rough first goes, some I have developed a little more since the picture and some I haven’t but over all I’ve really enjoyed playing around with the program and trying things out. I have been using the Sketchbook Pro app which comes in a free version to try out as well as a full paid version. I would highly recommend giving it a go if you have an iPad!

Sketch 2011-08-30 13_26_59

Firstly we have Rhylia, one of my Night Elves from WoW. I have since developed her quite a bit, cropping the picture down and adding colour though I will not post a progress of her until she is finished, which will be very soon. I just need to rework the outlines to finish her now.

Sketch 2011-10-27 09_25_17

Here we have Avealle, one of my Draenei from WoW who I’m fairly pleased with so far, she still needs a lot of work but I feel I’m getting the hang of blending the skin tones in this one and I’m very pleased with her horns.

Sketch 2011-09-03 17_46_36

This one is a character called Fire from a pirate RP I have been writing for a good year, year and a half now. Again she’s very rough in this one but one day I hope to tweek her form, add more curves and work her colouring properly. For now she rests in stasis with my other WiPs!

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