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This latest bit of work is a personal project I’m working on, a visual journal.

I have always enjoyed writing, journalling and over more recent years blogging, but sometimes words aren’t enough or aren’t quite right, I also often find it very painful to read over some of what I’ve put down in words but can appreciate the feelings better if they come from an image rather than what I have written. Reading what I have written zaps me back into that moment, regarding what I’ve created allows me to keep some distance, and so I sporadically have created visual journals over the years. The others I started have been lost along the way but this one is new and already proving to be very therapeuti. A mixture of media and texts, different ideas and techniques in some ways it’s a little like scrapbooking, in some ways more of a loose, fine art project…

I usually pick books that are old and on the small side, hardbacks that have some character and have taken a beating over the years and luckily there are several small charity shops around here that sell them real cheap, this little red one which is what I have been using cost me 50p. I also thought it was quite fitting that it was a dictionary since I make them because I can’t find the right words for how I’m feeling… The one below is an old, massive gardening manual type thing that also cost me 50p and will bear the brunt of another project for me, though moreย  about that another time.

A big part of what I enjoy about making them also comes from photographing them and seeing them change over time as the pages get added to, seeing them develop constantly along with me. As you can see I’ve only worked a tiny bit of it so far, more pictures will follow as I find new things to add.


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Candy Card

Candy Card

I was bitten by the card making bug again yesterday by chance as I tidied up and came across a scrap of sweet print wrapping paper. Quite a surprise given that I was not in the crafting mood but I just had to create this little card because let’s face facts…who doesn’t like sweets?

The card opens along the crinkle cut candy print edge to the right of the center mark so the message and embellishments on the right are on the inside of the card itself.

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LughAs you may or may not know the last couple of days have marked Lughnasadh, the first harvest. I hadn’t been planning on doing a portrait of Lugh I must confess but yesterday I felt that all too familiar incling. He had some stuff to say to me and teach me about facing my fears which was not all that pleasant to be honest. While I enjoyed creating the portrait it was strangely torturous as well as he was intent on making me scrutinise things I have been trying not to look too closely at. All for the best I know since I need to let go of some things in order for what I want to thrive this coming year.

He began as a pencil sketch in my sketchbook, then became ink and finally late last night when he decided I still hadn’t had enough of being forced to think things through he became a watercolour. Obviously this was unplanned, hence the fact I did not use watercolour paper and you can see numerous bobbles in the thin regular paper of my sketchbook. It was close to 1 am when I finally completed him and while I would like to say I intend to turn him into a full blown painting I don’t think I could deal with going through his idea of connecting with him again in order to do it…not this year at least, though I suspect next year I will return to it and he will have more to show me.

I sincerely hope everyone has had a very blessed Lughnasadh. May you never be left wanting of that which you need x

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