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The New Kit


A quick first view of the new cross stitch kit I brought last weekend, just what I was looking for and in the sale to boot!

But can you tell what it is yet?


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Amethyst Pendant

DSCF0333So it turns out that I am having a bit of a thing for purple and spirals right now. Well ok, anyone who knows me personally knows I already have a thing for purple but still, it seems to be a running theme for me at the moment. Here is my latest offering in it, a large tear drop shaped amethyst pendant on a sheer white ribbon cord encased in white fluid spirals. The cord is very short, it just wraps around my neck so that the pendant sits in the hollow of my throat. As of yet I’m not certain whether or not I’m going to sell it. I have this terrible habit of creating beautiful things and not wanting to part with them though I daresay I will be able to do so eventually.


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It may be small, it may be rusty,

It’s been used and lost and rarely cherished.

Recently reclaimed, ready to be gifted,

If you promise not to squander it.

Love it, keep it, protect it, use it

And it will be yours for as long as you want it.

There are no second chances when it comes to my heart.

Break it and it will hold the scars forever,

Nurture it and it will open and bloom just for you.


This charm and poem really came as a way for me to take control again after my depression and the way it made me feel this time round. It was hard going and I found myself grieving deeply for things I hadn’t even lost yet. Strangely I read my star forecast on a site that I use for this last month and it was uncanny the predictions that it made and the dates into which they fell. It pretty much gave me an overview of what has happened in my personal life this last month and I am very glad I did not read it prior to it happening. I often do that, read horoscope predictions from places I trust after the time they cover has passed to see how, if at all, they related to my life. Anyway, I’m heading off topic again. This charm, the time and energy I put into it and the words it made me feel as I made it were empowering, an affirmation that I am special and deserve the best, something that I all too easily forget in my tendency to put everyone else and their needs before myself. Hopefully you can all relate to it and see that it applies as much to each and every person as it does to me. Perhaps the hardest thing though, is learning to love yourself and cherish your heart because if you can’t see the worth there and cherish it how can anyone else?

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DSCF0325  I can now say I’m ready and happy to let Ma’at go to her new home when her recipient is ready to take her. I finished her page in my Book today and completed the final thing she wanted me to do.

I’ve had a large smooth stone I collected from the beach sitting around in front of the picture on the mini shrine I made for her a couple of weeks ago just begging to be made into a talisman. In part something for me to keep from my work with her over this last year and something that I know will help me when I’m faced with more difficult decisions and the need to see beyond to the truth of the matters surrounding me.

Ma’at has forged her own spot in my heart and I know that she will remain there for a very long time.

On a lighter note I finally managed to find a new cross stitch kit to begin. It’s another huge one, larger than the last (yes indeed I muct be going a little bit mad) but this one is just for me and a special ode in itself to the first guide I ever had coming through to me. He stayed with me right up until about a year and a half ago when he finally transcended into his next ‘state’. I miss him but I know he’s well on his path and doing what he needs to be doing.

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New Cards

So it seems, after having been through a particularly bad bout of depression recently, I have finally gotten my mojo back. Some time over the weekend getting back into the witchy swing of things and an inspiring trip to the art and craft store had me creating some new card designs when I got back from my weekend away. Three in an hour or so, two pagan inspired designs and a birthday card for my brother (unbelievably for me made in advance since his birthday is on the 6th August):


Above ~ Purple spiral and amethyst card ~


Above ~ Green and gold leaf card ~


Above ~ Football birthday card ~

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I spent some time with Ma’at yesterday evening. It seemed only right with her cross stitch being finished and a growing reluctance inside of me to part with her after so long. I believe it is because we still have unfinished business, I guess we always will. She has helped me through some tough times and helped me to make some tough decisions. I know that some of the toughest are yet to come and I think tonight I have been able to make peace with that knowledge.

And so this evening I have dedicated some time to her, to creating her a page in by Book after asking her to inspire me, to teach me about herself. If I’m honest it scares me some, how she forces us to see the truth around us and within us but living the truth is better than living a lie surely? We need it to learn and grow and love in our own way, we need it to find love, happiness and fulfilment in life. This is what she teaches me tonight. That and the fact that you can’t make other people’s decisions for them, no matter what you may want them to be. Ultimately we must answer to ourselves for them and while that may not seem like a big deal it is the biggest in the end.

I wrote this for her last night:

Goddess proud with wings spread high

Scales in hand and piercing eye,

You see into the depths of our soul

Judgement’s burden heavy with woe.

Fierce and stable, Karma’s friend

Sure and determined you see our end.

Power yielded through the ages

Steeped in centuries of written pages,

Decisions, judgements, light as your feather,

Heavy hearts whose time is severed.

“Trust in love, the good and righteous

Act on pure thoughts, beliefs and intentions.

Love, respect and cherish all around you,

Make your decisions clearly and the rest will follow.”

Your words are true and powerfully spoken,

But how hard they can be to hear and act on.

Guide me, keep me, bless me daily,

With your wisdom, strength and clarity.

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maat - complete

14 months… 30,150 cross stitches later and Ma’at is finally finished.

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