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Kali full editedย Kali is a Goddess that has always been very dear to me. She was the first deity I recognized and had contact with when I first started learning where my spiritual beliefs were taking me. Despite her rather frightening look as a warrior Goddess of sorts with human skulls hanging from her neck and numerous hands full of weapons she has always been a wonderful guiding force spiritually for me.

I haven’t felt her presence around urging me on for a good few years but recently she has begun to make herself known to me again, guiding me to new books and things that I need to look into. She is a Goddess much associated with death and yet, what a lot of people don’t realize is that this often comes from her in the form of the death of the ego and the removal of obstacles to one’s spiritual development whether they are set ideas, behaviors or something else, all of which is necessary on a journey to enlightenment and understanding our spiritual goals.

I like to think that her purpose around me is an encouraging sign that I am heading on the right path, just as I was at the start of this journey when she guided and encouraged me to listen to my soul and discover truths for myself.


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New Home Card


This is a little lovely that I put together a few days ago for my brother and his girlfriend who have just moved in together. It’s a water colour stylized house with tree and black ink design, fairly simple and bold and then mounted and raised on white card.

The repeated wording around the edges of the picture reads blessing for your new home and I very much hope that they have many of those in their new place together.

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