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treegoddess2 Working on my previous tree goddess sketch the other day she began to change and evolve into something fuller and more womanly, seen from the front instead of the side. Again this is fairly rough but she’s taking shape and a real life her own in my mind now, ready to be developed again.

I want to expand her out more, particularly to the left where I can add in the branch of her arm, some flowers and such, perhaps even a Fae or two since we are practically on Beltane which is the faery magic festival.

I suppose in the end it depends on how she develops for herself when I work on her further…


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Tree Goddess


She’s fairly rough but the product of some time in the garden over this Easter weekend with the kids.

Inspired while I was sitting thinking about the tree in my garden and how feminine it seems at the moment in full bloom.

I’m hoping to work it up with watercolours and paint it out soon, but for now she’s on paper at least, looking for a fair amount of work and tweeking. So far so good, though I may need to sketch her out a few more times to get her form looking more how I want it, we’ll see…

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Having been trying to identify the tree in my garden for years but being thoroughly confused by the fact that the blossom has never heralded fruit I took some pictures to share with a couple of ladies who thought they might be able to tell. The general consensus is that it is a type of crabapple tree that has perhaps been treated in some way not to bear fruit or that just isn’t getting fertilized. Regardless the pictures came out beautifully so I thought I would share them. I particularly love the first one, it’s my favourite of the group:





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I’ve been making a lot of cards at the moment, at least it seems so. What I love about this is the fact that they have all been designed for happy situations and reasons to celebrate. My latest offering is this Birthday Card, designed with my aunt in mind. I love this one, I’ve tried to go for an elegant, vintage look without going too over the top and I think it works well.

Also in progress is a house warming card for my brother and his girlfriend which I will share once it is complete. I have been enjoying working with cards immensely at the moment. It has been a welcome change of size and pace and a good way to really stay creative with the limited time I have.

My mum’s painting is coming on well. I was debating posting some progress shots but decided to halt on that and wait until it is finished before revealing it. I’m currently waiting for one of the coats to dry a little before I work over it again, though there isn’t that much more that needs to be finished with it.

Of course I have also been doing other bits and pieces with my daughter while she is off school, particularly relating to spring and Easter. I love doing these things with her, it gets me in touch with my inner child which pleases the fey immensely and encourages me to look more simply at things and to approach things with a light hearted nature and let them take on a life of their own. I think this is something imperative to my work, both as an artist and in my writing…organic is most definitely better.

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Easter Cards

Over the last couple of days I have been designing and making some spring themed Easter cards which has been a lot of fun. I’m pretty pleased with the results, there are two tree designs and two flower and butterfly designs, all on their way to their recipients as I type this:





There has been little time for much else at the moment, with it being the Easter Holidays I have both of the kids with me so my crafting time has been sparse and much of it has been set to doing things with my eldest to keep her occupied, still it has been fun and I am slowly still creating when I can.

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This is a project I have been working on for the past year on and off in what spare time I have, a large cross stitch of the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at. Just over 1/4 of the design left to stitch so it won’t be long before she is finished now and ready for her new home as she will be a present for my other half when she is finally done. The full kit is available to buy from here.

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Faery Dances

Down the winding garden path

In between the heather

Amid the fresh new growing grass

The faeries bring spring weather.

They dance and sing to their delight

To the beat of mother nature

Of restful nights and vibrant days

They leap and soar together.


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