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A Couple of Cards

It was, all in all, a rather slow week as far as creating art is concerned last week. I had so much writing to catch up with among other things so I will be trying to press on with all my WIPs this week. Last night I had the urge to make a couple of cards, both of which are for my mum whose birthday this year falls two days after mothers day, both of which are next week.

First we have the mother’s day card:

Mother's Day 1

Second is the rather spring feel Birthday Card:

Yellow Flower Birthday Oneoff

I’m fairly pleased with how both of them have turned out, particularly the Birthday card, which took a fair bit of time to acheive what I wanted from it and one ruined attempt. Still, I got there in the end…


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Spring Leaves

Today I have been working on the first of two planned paintings. This one was asked for by my Mum for her birthday, though I was given little to work with other than the knowledge that she wanted something ‘greenish’. After much thought and a little look around my garden today, which was very pleasant since the sun has been out and casting beautiful light plays through the newly budding bushes.

I played around a little in my sketchbook, letting my charcoal have free reign and seeing what it wanted to do. This was the result:


Inspired I moved onto sketching a rough composition onto the canvas I will be using. Though I’m sure it will change as I go (they always do) I’m pleased with how it’s looking so far:


I intend to work predominantly with differing shades of green only adding a vivid streak of a deep pink to the branchwork area running diagonally down the centre of the piece. I feel really positive about this painting and look forward to getting the brushes out again.

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Lilac Flowers

This series of designs are all slight variations on the same theme of lilac flowers. Created as simple wedding invitations I was inspired by talk of weddings and the newly sprouting flowers of spring, wanting something gentle and soft in effect, but pretty and special as well. The designs all draw off of the punched floral pattern that motivated me to create the heart and flower motif on the first card and some jeweled designs on the other two.

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This is a design I created prior to my break but never really posted or put up for sale. After digging through my old work and being heavily inspired of late by romance and the coming spring I thought it would be nice to breathe a bit of new life into this old design.

It’s a simple cross stitched heart bordered with pastel beads and layered onto handmade papers for a soft and pretty effect, ideal for Valentine’s Days, wedding invitations and the like. The design also comes in red with bolder seed beads for a slightly more masculine and eye catching look, though the pastels and pink will always be my favourite.

There is something about simple designs for cards and symmetry that I love, I dislike there being too much information in a small area for my mind to process particularly in a handheld item like a card. I like there to be main focal points to draw the eye and a certain tactile nature that I think cross stitch and bead work really bring out.

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New Camera

My camera is my works best friend. Not only do I use it to document my work but also to gather and create inspiring images, work compositions and create photographic work as well. One of the most disastrous things that can happen therefore is for my camera to bite the dust so to speak.

Yesterday this finally happened. My little compact Samsung had a good long run but it was finally time to upgrade to something capable of what I both want and need. After much deliberation I came to purchase a Fujifilm Finepix S2750HD today and I can happily say I am so far loving it as an easy to use, compact camera capable of some lovely professional photographs such as the one above I took earlier of an Azalea. I am far from a professional photographer, but I do find a lot of enjoyment from using my camera to create and develop ideas and images. Over the last couple of days I have been working on several romantic inspired card designs which I will now be able to share with you when I get some decent light to take the pictures tomorrow.

On a side note I also have the planning developing for two new paintings and finally the motivation to complete a canvas that has been in the works for over a year, but more to come on that later.


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A Fresh Start

Welcome to, what I hope will be, a successful blog about my work and inspirations as an artist. My name is Michel and, as you may or may not know, I love to create. Over the past few years I have taken a break from working as I raised my two children single mother stylee. With my eldest at school and my youngest now toddling around (when he feels like it) I have found myself craving more, wanting to pursue my career as an artist and writer once more.

I like to think of myself as an artisan of many different forms. I paint and draw predominantly, make cards and craft items and have recently begun developing my love of writing further than just for my own private benefit. This new blog is, for me, a chance to get back out there and show people who I am, what I can do and where my ideas come from. I’m hoping to make friends and contacts, receive comments on my work and just develop as a person, artist and writer.

I am also currently studying for my Masters in Chios Energy Healing, something that once complete I hope will provide me with a healing avenue to proceed down as well. My choice of course reflects me very well I think. I’m intuitive and creative in everything I do as well as being a very spiritual person. Most of my inspiration for my art comes from mother nature and her ebbs and flows as well as my beliefs and experiences as a pagan witch.

If you would like to see more of my past work please feel free to take a look at my new facebook page and become a follower which I will be updating with new pictures alongside this blog as well as adding images of my older pieces.

I hope that you find my blog interesting and in some way inspiring. We all have creativity in us, the biggest challenge is finding how to express it.

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