Flower Mandala

Straight from my Midori Passport Size TN another flower mandala doodle created over different moments having coffee when I had a little time to add to it:



Some small ones from my spiritual journal this time, a floral triquetra and floral pentacle:

Geometric Tulips

Something a little different with this doodle; a little bit of colour and a lot of geometric shapes in the background, a fair bit of experimenting and a pinch of ‘does this work’?


Another coffee morning doodle play. Flowers are a current theme for me right now with a lot of my art work, even the doodling kind:


Abstract Play


Another mini moleskine sketchbook abstract in watercolour, gesso and black ink.

Another set of watercolour designs for card prints, this time inspired by spring, birthdays and mother’s day though could be used for any number of occasions with a custom message:

From left to right: Floral Spirals, Giant Daisy, Lily and Sweet Pea. All are available from my website to order as card prints with or without a custom message.

“Nature cries every day for the way we treat her.”

Nature’s Tears is an original mixed painting on canvas measuring 20 x 16 x 0.7 inches, created with acrylic ink, acrylic paint and oil pastels in a range of techniques with areas of different marks and textures. Green growth breaks through despite our attempts to cover it, nature always manages but it cries for the way we treat it’s blessings. It has been signed on both the front and back.

This original acrylic painting is available to buy from my website.

Various prints of this painting are also available from my Redbubble store