Time away from the kidlets with my art kit meant that I had time to take a walk, do some doodles and a speed sketch on a solo visit to a park in Maidstone… I only allow myself a couple of minutes for the speed sketches to help me to let go of perfectionism and just get a very quick basic drawing down.


triangle flower mandalaI am not a triangle fan. They’re too pointy and pokey for my liking. I, however, did not decide on the starting shape for this mandala. I let my daughter choose and she picked a triangle. I suppose it didn’t turn out too badly considering. I daresay I could have done a better job of evening it out as well so the middle is less disjointed feeling to me and yet it is what it is.

That middle cluster of triangles is like the muddle in my mind most days, having it’s effect on the outer whole of the flower around it. It has a certain amount of beauty to it, however, and if you look close enough even the muddle is it’s own form of organised chaos.

Flower Doodle (2)

flower doodle 2Another ink doodle created in sessions over the course of a few days. It began as a small, five petalled flower as pictured on my instagram feed and grew outwards into this design. I can’t help but feel it would have been better without the black leaf addition towards to bottom of the drawing so why did I include that?

I like to think that these meditational doodles are more about insight than actually producing a ‘finished’ piece, at least they are for me and I think the fact that this dark leaf showed up says a lot about where I have been mentally and emotionally lately. Since doing this drawing the dark leaf has been growing. It is most definitely time for it to be pruned.

ATCs 11 - 13

The scanned image doesn’t really show off the texture in these three ATCs but textured they are. I had a lot of fun with these playing around with modelling paste to create some random textures on the small cards. Once dry I went with a combination of yellow, pink and red watercolour washes to add colour to the bases and then ink bordering to help the miniature abstracts to ‘pop’

Playing with black and white is something I like to do from time to time. There seem to be two camps with the colours (or non-colours depending on your point of view), those are to use them or not. Black especially seems to get a bad press in the art world, I think, but I also think it’s important to experiment with how they work and could be used both on their own and with other colours. These three play with that theme; black on a white base, white on a black base and black and white on a coloured base. All worked in wet on wet layers.

Oracle Card Flower

Keywords: Beauty, thorns, opening, softness, bloom, result, reward, fleeting, inspiration.
Thoughts: The FLOWER does not bloom and compare itself to the other plants, it just is. In it’s beauty and self it inspires poets, artists, writers and photographers just by being itself. In opening itself to the world and expending all of that energy on it’s growth and journey it gives something precious back and in turn helps to sustain the world. The FLOWER may not be in bloom for long but it is appreciated and remembered for what it is in that time. It also protects subtly against those who would bring it’s gifts to an end. The integrity and beauty of the FLOWER is in everything, we just need to see it and stand tall.

Oracle Card Fern

Keywords: Hidden, shy, wall, reservations, flow, energy, midway, experience, survival, sensitivity.

Thoughts: The FERN knows that it must keep working and concentrating, pushing all of it’s energy into it’s current goal to open and reap the benefits of opening itself to the world and experiencing the elements. There are times when a touch will make it curl and hide but it knows that in order to survive and live it has to take that chance and open itself again. Do not let your growth be stunted, keep unfurling. It takes bravery to make yourself vulnerable but you will wither if you do not open yourself to experience.